A flathead socket cap screw just one inch long doesn’t seem like much, compared to the 200-acre industrial plant it is part of.

But we know better. That fastener makes a big difference. At Southern Fasteners, we respond to every order with the knowledge that a lot is riding on our customer getting precisely the right part, and getting it quickly. As a commercial fastener distributor managing an inventory of over 145,000 SKU’s, we have the expertise to provide the exact fasteners our customers need.

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After 30 years, we really know fasteners

After all, it is our business. We’ve been managing our customers’ inventory for over three decades, and most of our team members have fifteen years or more of fastener experience. Our deep experience and commitment to precision is what makes us an exceptional fastener distributor.

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Fast Delivery

Nothing can stop our fast delivery

We’ve gone so far as to buy a plane ticket for a fastener, just to get it to our customer fast. We know your operations can’t shut down for want of the right part. We’ll get you what you need when you need it.

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Quality Fasteners

We supply the very best

We source our fasteners from the most highly regarded manufacturers in the business. Once again, fasteners may be small but they make a big difference. A cheap part can actually be very expensive if it fails.

How does Southern Fasteners maintain such excellent quality?

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We specialize in inventory management programs for our customers.

What our program means for you is simply this: you never have to worry about your inventory again. Your cost is reduced and your headaches are eliminated. We handle everything in the supply chain management process—from procurement, to expediting, to inspection and delivery. You’re never without the fasteners you need.

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